Refund Policy

Cancellations & Refunds:

Homestay Accommodation:

The following fees become non-refundable once your registration has been processed by our Registrar Department:

  • Placement fee and;
  • Custodianship fee, where Cypress has been asked to act as the Custodian.

Upon arrival: The first 4 weeks of the program are non-refundable. If the student has contracted for a period longer than 4 weeks, then 4 weeks’ notice plus a $130 cancellation fee (ESL/College) or $300 (High School students) will apply and be deducted from any refund owing.

Shared/Twin Homestay Accommodation: refund requests will be calculated per room booked, not individually or per bed within the room. This shall apply for shared /twin homestay accommodation and special programs. Refunds in the event of a cancelation will be based on the total amount received. Individual refunds will not be considered.

Refund forms:

Once the Refund application has been completed and signed, the refund will be made within 30 business days. The refund method will be the same as used to purchase the service.

Other types of accommodations (Student residence, dorms and Apartment rentals)

Refunds & Cancellations

Upon confirmation of your booking, damage deposits, placement fees and down payments are non-refundable in case of cancellations.
After check-out: The damage deposit amount will be returned, less a $50 admin fee, following the client’s departure. Damage deposits will be returned in 30 business days, providing the client has not damaged the property.

In extreme circumstances, we may find it necessary to cancel a reservation and if so, we shall make all practical efforts to offer a comparable alternative. If this is not acceptable, then we will refund any sum paid in advance which shall constitute full and final settlement of any liability we may have as a result of such cancellation.

Please allow 30 business days for refunds. The refund form can be requested directly from Cypress by email. All reimbursements due to a client’s request to cancel are subject to a $130 administrative fee plus all applicable fees specific to the property being booked.

The placement is only confirmed when payment is received by Cypress (not by merely sending the booking).
All payments and refunds made by credit card are subject to fees of the total amount. If the refund is made by wire transfer, a CAD$50 fee will apply.

There are no refunds for early departures (early check-outs) and tax may be applicable. If tax is applicable due to an early check out, it will be discounted from the damage deposit. If the amount to pay the tax is insufficient the credit card on file will be charged.
IMPORTANT: Read your Agreement carefully before booking as different types of accommodations will have different policies, depending on the location and type.

Transfer Services

Student must inform Cypress immediately in order to have the transfer service re-booked with the new arrival time.

Transfer services refunds are subject to a CAD$ 50 administrative fee.

IMPORTANT: No show, flight delays and miscellaneous – Please consult the Agreement for more details.


If the cancellation occurs before the departure, student must request the refund in writing. All refunds are subject to a CAD$ 50 Cypress administrative fee plus any other cancellation fee imposed by the insurer.

After departure: Please consult your specific policy as each insurer imposes different fees for cancelling or altering the policies purchased.


Refund policies for excursions and any other type of tour will be specified in your booking confirmation and quote. These are determined by our local partners.


Force Majeure: Cypress Accommodations or its representatives (collectively referred as “Cypress”) is not liable in cases where Cypress is unable to fulfill any services to which is contractually bound because of fire, natural disaster, act of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labor disputes or other reasons which are beyond its control.

Liability: Cypress, its directors, officers, employees, affiliates and agents are not liable for damages, injuries, illnesses or violations to people or goods.