Our company – Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We add value to peoples’ lives every day, by sharing Canadian culture & lifestyle through our accommodation programs.

Our Vision

To always be customer-focused; to make a difference in our students' lives. We Are More Than Just Accommodations! 

Our Mission

1. Honesty & Integrity

Always be honest when dealing with others.

2. Respect

Treat Employees, clients and vendors how we would want to be treated.

3. Work hard and be result-oriented 

Work hard every day for our clients and for each other.

4. Innovation

Value innovation, seek new ideas and involve our people in everything we do.

Why we called It ”Cypress”?

Our Head Office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia,

When our CEO, Paula Johnson, first started the business, it didn't have an actual name. Driving into work on a beautiful morning with her husband, Jeremy, the north shore mountains were shining in the distance, snow-covered and beckoning. 

They knew they wanted to link the business to something not only Canadian, but also to something both local and natural. They wanted to create an association between all of these things, so that their clients, partners and vendors would have these images in mind when they thought of “Cypress.”. 

As they drove, they looked at those "local mountains". There are three that touch or border the north shore. From east to west, they are Seymour, Grouse and Cypress. Paula had been skiing and snow tubing several times, on both the local mountains and at Whistler. She loved the idea of naming the company after one of these beautiful spots.

They also wanted to incorporate something both tangible and natural in the company. 

Cypress is also a tree with strong roots, just as they wanted their business to be: stable and strong.

Taken together, the choice was easy, and that's why the company was called "Cypress."

Our Goal:

Our goal is to help ease the stress of schools and agencies by providing welcoming host families, as well as a great variety of services, from airport transfers to pre-departure Intercultural Training to enjoyable excursions and activities.

Students looking for more independent options and who want to stay in downtown can choose from the apartments, residences and hotels also offered by Cypress.

This allows schools to focus on teaching new students and agents to focus on the recruitment process, instead of worrying about their safety and well-being while in Canada.

Paula Johnson, Director

Cypress Accommodations - Head Office