Maple Life Relocations

A division of Cypress Accommodations.

Since 2005, Cypress Accommodations has helped thousands of working professionals, high school students and teenagers to achieve their educational goals, by providing quality accommodation and support services.
Through our new, wholly owned division, Maple Life Relocations, we are pleased to now offer our industry-leading services to families, couples and individuals arriving in Canada to begin a new life. Whether coming as students, entrepreneurs, employees or stay-at-home parents, we have the knowledge, experience, skills and relationships to make a new arrival a successful one.

We can make your move simpler and easier, through these services:

  • Searching out and visiting properties based on your needs and preferences
  • Assisting with rental applications and dealing with landlords
  • Moving logistics and home set-up
  • Applying for necessary provincial and federal documents
  • Consulting on initial budget and set-up costs

Why Us?

Fraud Prevention: Your move is likely a very large investment not just in time and energy, but in money, too. Working with our team to relocate you eliminates the risk of rental fraud that has victimized so many, newcomers and natives alike. 
Reducing Costs: arriving without your accommodation arranged can result in hotel bills of hundreds of dollars per night. What many hotels charge for a week in just a bedroom can easily outweigh the cost of an entire month in a 1-2-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen. Hotel stays also mean all meals are eaten in restaurants. 
Experience: Every family and every move is unique, and Canada was once a new country to us, too. Put our combined 70+ years of life here to work for you, as you begin your own fresh start, with Maple Life Relocations!

Paula & Jeremy Johnson