Host students in my home

Why host an international student?

Every year, hundreds of our students stay with carefully selected local Homestay hosts. The experience for both can be enriching and memorable.

Criteria for selecting a family

A “family” can consist of a single host mother or father, older retired couple, couples without children, family with both parents working outside the home or a traditional family with children and a stay-at-home parent.

English must be the language spoken in the home when students are present.

Our families host international students for many reasons. Primarily, they seek a cultural experience for themselves or their own children. Hosting strictly for financial reasons is not sufficient, as there is no guarantee that a student will be placed in the home.

Our families must have the time to be involved with the student as they would be with their own child – and provide a home-away-from-home.

Basic home requirements to host a student

  • A private bedroom for the student.
  • A room with adequate light, a comfortable bed, chest of drawers, desk and a closet.
  • Host is to provide pillows, bed linen, towels, toilet paper, shower curtains, etc.
  • Host is to provide up to three meals a day plus reasonable snacks and beverages.
  • A safe and caring environment.

Application Process

Once we receive your application, we will contact you if your area is in demand for our program . The application process is completed only after we visit your home, you sign an agreement, and you submit a valid Criminal Record Check.

* information required

    Main Applicant Information


    This phone number will only be contacted in case of emergencies, upon unavailability of the other 2 phones.

    People living in your home

    How many people other then you regularly live in your home? *



    Tell us about your family

    Does your family have any pets? *

    Tell us about your family

    Diet Information

    Is your family vegetarian? *

    Are you able to accommodate for a student with a special diet? *

    If yes, please select any that you would be willing to accommodate for: *

    House Information and Student Preference

    What is the closest public transit station to your home?

    Do you rent or own your home?

    Please select the type of home you reside in:

    Do any of your rooms have private bathroom available? (exclusive access to the student)

    Does anyone in your home smoke and/or vape?

    Would you accept a student who smokes and/or vapes?

    What type(s) of students would you be willing to host?

    What age group(s) of students would you be willing to host?

    Additional Information

    How often is English spoken in your home?

    Does anyone in your home work night shifts?

    Have you ever hosted before?

    Homestay Resident Suitability Declaration

    All accredited institutions of Languages Canada (LC) are committed to providing their students a secure and safe environment in homestay.

    To comply with Languages Canada standards, institutions that wish to place students in homestay must require Criminal Record Checks (CRC's) from all individuals normally resident in the home who have reached the age of majority.

    This declaration does not replace the CRC, except as an interim measure. For those members who wish to place students in homestay prior to the required CRC documents being received by the institution, this form must be used, and it must be received by the homestay coordinator at the LC institution before any students are placed in the home. For institutions that require CRC's to be received prior to placement, this form is not required.

    Have any of your family members in your household:

    1. Been convicted of any offence against a minor?

    2. Had a minor removed from your care by order of a court?

    3. Been disqualified from acting as a foster parent?

    4. Been proven negligent while supervising minors under 18 years of age on activities/courses?

    5. Would you agree to a Criminal Record Check?

    Homestay Resident Suitability Declaration

    1. I will not engage in any sexual conduct with the student or sexually harass or use my position of authority as an adult with the student in an inappropriate manner.

    2. I agree that if I am convicted of an offence I shall report it within 24 hours to the LC institution or to the homestay placement agency under contract with the LC institution.

    3. I hereby declare that the foregoing information is true and complete to my knowledge. I understand that a false statement may disqualify me from providing homestay accommodation.

    4. I agree to apply for a Criminal Record Check (CRC) from the appropriate authorities within seven (7) days of completing this Suitability Declaration; Alternatively, Cypress will accept copies of any CRC from families who already host to any institution accredited by Languages Canada.

    I/We hereby Authorize Cypress Int Language Travel Inc DBA Cypress Accommodations to send by email the picture(s) that will be taken during the inspection of my home to my prospective host student. I confirm that all family members in my household do not have a Criminal Record and I have truthfully answered the questions in the form above.