Homestay Program

Our Families

Our host families are thoroughly interviewed, trained, and monitored. Hosts found to exhibit the utmost professionalism, enthusiasm and safe living conditions are enrolled into our databases as they exemplify everything great about our company and the international experience.

We offer our clients the perfect opportunity to experience the Canadian lifestyle and culture. Based on the choices you made in the application, your profile, and our years of experience, Cypress Accommodations will identify a match against a great number of host families and contact top candidates for you, or even another type of accommodation to meet your expectations.

We are committed to ensuring student comfort and help them in adjusting to the new culture they will face, through a local and personalized support.

Is homestay the right program for me?

1. Are you on a limited budget?

2. Are you adventurous and willing to eat different types of food?

3. Are you willing to respect the house rules of your host family?

4. Are you willing to commute between 30-55 min (average to downtown) by public transportation? *

5. Are you willing to embrace the multiculturalism Canada can offer during your day within your hosts?

6. Are you an open-minded pers on, flexible and adjust fast to different types of environments and culture?

If you answer “yes” to all the questions above, then
Homestay program is for you! Please apply here:

Application kit High School, please request via email


Can I put special requests on my homestay application?

Yes. We will try to match and find the host family that better suit your needs taking into consideration the guidelines established by the Minister of Education and also the languages Canada Guidelines and as long as your request is not discriminatory or would infringe the Canadian law.

What are some examples I can ask in my application?

You may request an upgrade for private bathroom or a special diet placement such as a vegetarian diet. These are upon availability.

If I request an upgrade to a private bathroom, does that mean I will have an en-suite bathroom ( a bathroom “inside my room?”)

Not necessarily. You will have a designated bathroom for your own use only, but it is not guaranteed the location in the house

If I am vegetarian and I request the upgrade, does that mean my family is vegetarian?

No. The upgrade simply means that we will find a family that will adjust to your diet as much as possible and not necessarily replacing the whole dinner/meals. For example, if the family eats chicken yakisoba for dinner and you are vegetarian: they will cook the noodles and vegetables separate for you (but may not offer to replace chicken with another source of protein such as tofu).

May I use the kitchen facilities in my homestay?

The general rule is no. if you feel you will need to cook for yourself often, please inquire about our apartment or student residence/dorm options where you will have access to such facility.

Where do I get the full policy for the program before I sign up?

Please ask your agent or school to supply you with our complete guidelines about our Homestay program.